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Losing My Sh*t

I spent what was really an unnecessary amount of time pondering the use and then merits of  the word shit as a collective noun in this story, especially in the header (no idea whether google is allowed to search for it) but it has remained, as it really is such a versatile word. I am a massive fan of lexicon in general, and one of my favourite books and now apps is a dictionary (and thesaurus), and of course have heard many times over that by using such language one is cheating and debasing themselves, lowest common denominator blah blah but whatevs, its still one of my favourite words. Along with mincing and serendipity. And nincompoop. And nonce, but that was mostly before I discovered what it actually meant.

Just as I collect words, and actually phrases – when I lived in london I was obsessed with random phrases, and to this very day my two favourites were told to me by the same person…”she couldn’t lie straight in bed” and “well you’re not going going to die in a ditch over it are you”? Genius and digressing… suffice to say I collect  the collective noun of shit in the same way…somewhat compulsively and often in a haphazard manner.

As far as the eye can see, my random bits and bobs litter most of the surfaces in our house, enduring forced  migration from one pile to the next when the need to use a surface arises, or more commonly when something has been misplaced and needs to be located urgently. Normally keys and wallets and phones but also dummies, dog leads and integral to the very fabric of our universe bracelets, rings, necklaces, clothes for toy ponies yada yada that my daughter has made at kindy, and then tossed carelessly aside; the general detritus of life accumulated by two small children and their hoarding mother. Their father is very tidy.

Currently we do actually have a bowl thing we put our keys in, and a spot we have started putting phones and sunglasses and wallets, but it doest help the rest of the crap.

But these might. Kind of.

Cantilever Interiors, an aussie company that do mostly kitchens have come up with this shelving unit called Wanda Library which I am rather partial to, and recently spotted on a dulux trends photo. Lots of spaces for stuff and things



Now while it is very rare that I ever lose my booze…well before I ingest it that is, I thought this Lucite and Brass shelf from Anthroplogie was pretty nifty for said storage




Good old Country Road can always be relied upon to come up with a clean and simple version of everything, and these Kai wall hooks are no exception. I have a different version of them dotted around my home and they are awesome for hanging coats and bags on, and hats, lots of hats.



For the industrious amongst us, these are pretty robust looking Brass Hooks by Made From Tomorrow from Collected


Bride and Wolfe have been one of my favourite designers ever since I first spotted these beautiful shelves. I would love some of my very own but am more than a little concerned they would collapse under the weight of the shit I would attempt to pile onto them, what with my more is more policy and all.



If I am honest, it was the reference to being able to get the shelving from Bunnings appealing to my budget side…yes disbelievers and scoffers I do have one of those… that really sold these leather shelf holder thingies by Lewis and Lou to me. They are also very pretty, and very versatile. Again, I would probably snap  them like a twig but I am sure, dear reader, that you are capable of harbouring this mythical concept that I hear is called…restraint…?


All images in this blog taken from sites discussed. Featured image my own.

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