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La Z boy Musings

Life is pretty above par at the moment. I write this while lounging in a la-z-boy chair, something I could never in my wildest dreams or nightmares ever bring myself to purchase and allow in my home. Honestly even if it was dipped in gold and tie dyed in diamonds it would still never get through the front gate, but let’s not let my personal prejudices get in the way of this story, whatever the hell it may be about. 

I’m watching  Death in Paradise on one TV while behind me, on another TV the grand final of the league is blathering on. We are in Australia. Stuff is happening, someone is winning and as is the inevitability of sport someone will lose and blame it on someone else and then heavy drinking will ensue. Circle of life. Back to the chair though and I must admit it is damn comfy. My daughter has discovered the lever on the side and she revels in jumping onto the chair and then pulling the lever with gay abandon, a hairs breadth from decapitating my son who likes to sit of the floor like a good wee puppy and eat his snacks. She has requested we get one at home. Request denied. 

Such items of furniture are ferociously ugly. Yes I am a massive furniture snob, no denying it, and I have no  plausible reasons; there is even a covert and slightly underhand race for the things in the evening hours once the sprogs are in bed this holiday, a race I often win, but still no.

Which got me thinking. And just so you are fore warned, this is some pretty deep thinking, so clearly I currently have too much space free in my brain at this moment, a rarity to be sure. Why do we develop prejudices against things? What is it that makes us instantly love one thing and  avoid another like three day old roadkill? I could argue that I don’t like bad design, but rationally a lazy boy is the epitome of good design in terms of ultimate comfort. Form follows function and everything. And three day old road kill is pretty grotty whichever way you cut it. 

I don’t know why things one person adores another abhors, or why one persons dream room is not another’s. What is good taste even? How is it dictated and who makes those decisions? Sometimes it seems to be a combination of mass marketing and others it is the spaces, the anti matter of that design that becomes the fashion. The backlash to the…lash.

 Firstly I think its kind of that first impressions thing. I am really bad at being all judgey on my first impressions, which means I go around rescinding them all over the place once I have formed proper impressions and have learnt how things, and people tick. And sometimes I stick with my judgey first impression.

Maybe its cultural, especially those parts of the world that have been around a long time. I am in awe of amazing Italian and French design, where the flamboyance is either restrained or not, but either way it is present and felt. I also love good Scandinavian design where the spaces created are so simple but so subversive. I can’t in a bazillion magillion years imagine a lazy boy gracing their lounges, even ironically. 

Possibly it has something to do with the mediums we consume. And the fact we consume them together. Not like all in the same room or anything, but you know what I mean. Specific items or elements  are noted by multiple people at the same time as being something worth noting and then off they go for their 15 minutes of fame.

I am a fairly voracious consumer of interiors related what not on the interweb, in the mags and on social media and while I can spot the things that are likely to trend or be popular, I can’t always understand them. And I definitely have no clue who starts them. I bloody wish it was me but I’m just not that clever. 

Millions of other factors also play a part in your taste as well, clicking together like a 1000 piece puzzle to form the sense of whoever you may be. Everything from  family and background to hair colour (well you might like to coordinate things) to socio economic to geographical location ( a big one) to age to your circle of friends to I don’t know, your favourite animal. They all combine to for the sole purpose of dictating your furniture preference. Nothing else.

Gotta say though, one of the things I do love the most about being an interiors consultanty person is that there is so much amazing variety and style out there, and at the end of the day people do love good design and interesting things and random colours, and are often a fount of inspiration and new perspectives.

And then there are la-Z-boys.

Natalie Parke