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Flowers and Their Powers

Do you like cut flowers?

Yeah me too. There is something about beautiful flowers in your house that just make it seem happier and fresher, adding a lovely focal point to an area, brightening up a space.

Do you like arranging them into beautiful bouquets and choosing which ones sit well together and stuff and things?

You do? Hmph well I guess we can’t all be as awesome as you. I am fairly useless at that aspect. Luckily colour blocking is some what kind of not really en vogue right now, so I just shove all my flowers into a vase together without separating them and say I did it on purpose. Anything can be believed if you say it with enough conviction. You didn’t even know colour blocking was a thing in floral circles till I told you.

I came across The Flower Project a while ago, who deliver to most of auckland on a weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly basis, and I suspect they would be the salve for my craparrangingitis but I have never quite got my A into G to order from them. If the flowers they deliver are as beautiful as the pictures on their site (and I have it on good authority they are) my house would be so happy and fresh it would probably blow my mind. For me I think a monthly delivery would work but no more – too much mind distorting sounds dangerous, especially for one as fragile as mine.

Another group I have recently seen is Bloom Social who also runs a subscription service but slightly differently. I think they reveal the blooms of the day on Social Media and you can choose what you want. They too look like they do a beautiful range , and if you are good at remembering to check and see what flowers have been revealed and then at remembering to actually order the flowers rather than just liking them, instantly forgetting what you were actually meant to be doing and scrolling down I think they could be a goer.

One of my personal favourites is Love. &Mr Lewis in Ponsonby Central. I love them because you can always have a great yarn about something or other, and they are superstars in the putting together of flowers so it looks like ‘this old effortless bouquet that I just threw together but is actually trending right now due to its spot on amazingness and beauty’ They have all sorts of random looking things that I really love too, but can’t tell you about as I don’t know what any of them are called.

Lastly, and the ridiculous confession I have to make is that I have never actually been into this place but I love their store which I think Material Creative recently did – marble and brass are always a winner – so I by default love their flowers (since when have I ever made sense). Now I have lost my train of thought.

Right, yes Blush Flowers in Parnell. Stunning! Have a look at their website, some of the stuff they have done especially on the wedding front is exceptional…in both beauty and some cases sheer scale. No wonder flowers are becoming such an integral and expensive element to weddings these days! I am also a massive sucker for pretty branding and beautiful aspirational looking websites, so my cup runneth over here.

HOWEVER HOWEVER HOWEVER what NONE of these services offer is a flower removal service, which is a crying shame as that is where I well and truly come unstuck.

Do you know what Wabi-sabi is? It is a Japanese aesthetic centred on the concepts of transience and imperfection. Here is the wikipedia page. An example being a beautifully weathered wall, an imperfect or slightly flecked pot, or a vase of completely dead flowers festering in their own bong water filth.

I have a deep seated phobia of dead flowers. There is something about chucking them out that actually makes me gag to the point that I am nearly ill. I simply can’t do it. And now is now a running joke in our house that we are embracing the wabi-sabi and are at one with the ageing and imperfect whenever I buy flowers…until someone who is not me kindly throws the offenders in the bin.

And just FYI – yes I do know that if you change the water regularly they are less likely to end up putrid and do in fact last longer but if I can’t even be relied upon to chose and order flowers that are delivered to my door on a regular basis how on earth do you think I am going to remember to do that???

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